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Have you signed the eLearning Manifesto? On March 13th, the eLearning Manifesto website launched to take a step to improve the standard of eLearning, and they need you.

If you have been in the industry long or not, you may have felt the desire to get eLearning on a better path. You hopefully want more for your learners, and to create a more positive learning experience. This is where the eLearning Manifesto would like to make a difference.

What is the Manifesto? It is 22 principles meant to elevate your eLearning. The purpose of the Manifesto is to sign your name and make a personal commitment to overcome bad eLearning, and to set a new standard of eLearning. So far, 578 eLearning innovators have shown their support by signing the eLearning Manifesto. Why haven’t you made your commitment? By becoming a signatory, you can share your thoughts with the L&D community. In return, you will receive a badge that you can display on your website, and have for yourself as a reminder of your commitment to serious eLearning. This does not take long!

We’ve all seen great successes in the eLearning industry, and its potential. However, there needs to be more successes in the industry. Dr. Michael Allen, one of the four creators of the eLearning Manifesto, states, “Those successes in eLearning, we feel are too little. We need to get the industry back on track.”. If you feel the same way, take two minutes to sign the eLearning Manifesto.

Typical eLearning vs. Serious eLearning

The Manifesto is about your recommitment to serious eLearning. Take a look at the image above, see how typical eLearning is on the left side and serious eLearning on the right. Have we gone away from serious eLearning as an industry? You might be creating typical eLearning every day and not even recognize it. You might be creating half serious eLearning. Regardless of your eLearning prowess, there is a way to reclaim your eLearning. You can start by signing the Manifesto.

Video About the Launch of the eLearning Manifesto

(Watch the video on Youtube.)

Now it’is time for your thoughts. What do you think of the Manifesto? How will you uphold these values in a world of constraints, budgets, and timelines? Is this practical?

Let’s us know what you think in the comments below, and let’s start some good discussions!



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