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Going out on a Limb with Branching Scenarios

In real life, the correct answer is often not as simple as a yes or no. More often, it’s the series of small decisions we make each day that add up and play off of each other to make the big things happen. For instance, think about the way you behave when you want to be health-conscious. It doesn’t so much matter this time that you eat that break room doughnut, but if you make a habit of it, it will add up. But if you make more good decisions than poor ones, you’re health will trend in a better direction. Your good decisions will embolden you to make more, each playing off each other and having big results in the long run.

A lot of eLearning knowledge check interactions opt to format their questions in a binary (yes/no) or multiple-choice style, focusing on the individual questions rather than the aggregate. Those formats certainly have their place, but every once in a while, it pays to look at a whole scenario, one that can take learner’s down different paths depending on the decisions they make. In these situations, it pays to use a branching scenario.

Today, we’re looking at 3 branching scenario templates currently in the eLearning Brothers library. Have a look for yourself.

New Stone

branching scenario templates - New Stone

This scenario comes from our popular New Stone line of templates. The default scenario in this template centers around proper workplace behavior. Learners make decisions for character Alex as he figures out how to conduct himself in the workplace around Marisa, whom he finds attractive. Using what they have learned beforehand about workplace conduct and harassment, learners can navigate the scenario and make sure that the best possible decisions are made.


branching scenario templates - Geo-Location

This template can change, not only because of the learners’ decisions, but also based on their physical location. Depending on where the learner is learning from, the template can swap out characters and backgrounds to make the faces and scenery a little more relatable to learners worldwide.

Space Ship

branching scenario templates - Space Ship

Learners are thrust into the farthest reaches of outer space in this template, which gives them the view from the cockpit of a futuristic space craft. The exotic locale serves the purpose of energizing the adventure for the learner and creating a feeling of higher stakes (decisions made in space, especially in sci-fi situations, tend to be pretty unforgiving should they go wrong).

You can find more branching scenarios in our Template Library. Check them out today!

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