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A big part of the eLearning market lies in business training materials. Companies will always need to train their employees to orient them to the work environment, standard operating procedures, and corporate philosophy.

It’s important to make the layout of any eLearning course interesting to look at, but in the case of many business courses, they also need to have a bit of class and sophistication. Today we want to highlight six engaging Lectora templates that will make your course look like the height of professionalism.

Business 01

Screenshot 2016-04-04 15.29.31

This layout is sleek and square. The sharp edges and assortment of business-related stock images bring an air of accuracy and professionalism, which is balanced by the pleasantly smooth greens and blues of the course elements.

Business 03

Screenshot 2016-04-04 15.42.42

Here we have a selection of muted grays and flat course elements. Though that may sound a little boring on paper, but this template makes it work through the use of background images, which add texture, and diagonal slices through the grid of modules instead of horizontal, creating a sense of movement and perspective.

Business 05

 Screenshot 2016-04-04 15.31.11

Experience a template that goes all-in on creating a sense of space by using ambient images of a bustling city. Business 05, through use of verdant greens and circular, organic-looking modules. Or, depending on your interpretation, the green can bring to mind money and finance, another great business tie-in. All in all, this is a template with a pulse. It’s alive and breathing and flaunts a personality all its own.

Business 06

Screenshot 2016-04-04 15.32.04

Harness the striking power and boldness that a red and black color scheme can afford. Red has always been an active, vibrant color, exemplifying both love and war since time immemorial. It brings about a sense of action, vitality, and perhaps even a sense of danger. If you want your learners on the edge of their seats, consider giving this template a go.

Business 07

Screenshot 2016-04-04 15.32.45

Bees are often thought of as busy and industrious. Indeed, each of these black and yellow beauties play a vital role in keeping their hive running efficiently and smoothly. Simply put, if it were feasible, I just might hire a bee to work for me (Can you imagine the production numbers?).  As you may be aware, for eons, bees store the honey they produce in a system of waxy, tessellating hexagons, called a honeycomb. This layout brings to mind the natural shape that bees produce and puts it into a futuristic, sophisticated context. Flat textures, geometric shapes, and schematic-like callouts make this a brilliant way to combine the old with the new.

You can find these and many other Lectora templates in our Template library. Download today!

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