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We’re ready to tie this all together with Tip 4. How are you doing so far?

Have you let yourself dream, and turned your dream into a goal? Are you viewing that goal often and checking yourself consistently to ensure you’re acting on it? If you are, you’re well on your way.

Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon…must come to pass.
-Paul J. Meyer, author and success coach

Tracking our goals is the final step: it shows us how we’re doing and helps ensure we’ll achieve our goal.

Tracking your goals works best when you record:

  your goal

  when you’ll achieve your goal

  the actions you need to take

  a completion date for each action.

You can also check off each action as it’s completed. That way you can see how you’re doing and if you’re taking the right actions to achieve your goal.

Here’s an example…

  your goal – Become a successful freelance eLearning developer

  when you’ll achieve your goal – April 30, 2019

  the actions you need to take – Build a portfolio website, start networking to find clients, network with other successful freelancers…

  add a realistic completion date for each action above.

I use a simple Word document I developed a year ago to track my goals in writing. It’s really helped me focus my goal strategy…and stay on track.

If you’d like a copy of my “Goal Tracker”, click here.

One final thought…

Our goals can often go off track. Life gets in the way; other demands pull us in different directions; people disrupt our plans; emails, texts and phone calls keep coming.


We get distracted from pursuing our goal so we don’t achieve it.


Focus is the solution. Work on keeping your goal clearly visible, checking the relevance of every action first, and staying with that action despite disruptions and distractions. It takes a lot of effort and practice, but it does work.

Now you’ve worked your way through all 4 tips, you have a goal setting process you can use to achieve any goal…and get the results you’re looking for!

Here’s to your goal success!
If you’d like to learn more about goals and goal setting, reach out to me by email.


About the Author – Linda Willis

Linda Willis is the co-founder, operations partner and chief customer relations contact for her performance improvement company, The Willis Organization.

Prior to co-founding The Willis Organization with her business partner and spouse, Peter, she served as Director of ESL instruction and programs for a large multi-ethnic school board. There she was responsible for leading and coordinating board/staff relations, teacher training and student programs for 27 high schools and over 200 elementary schools.

You can reach out to Linda via email: linda@mygoforthegreen.com

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