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Here is a cool thought: What if you could use an eLearning Brothers game template to make money on your website? That is exactly what Peter Willis did with MyGoForTheGreen.com, a unique sales training website that teaches you how to sharpen your selling skills. The following is a guest blog post from Peter and The Willis Organization about how they turned eLearning templates into a profit generating product:

Go for the Green Selling Challenge

How “Go for the Green Selling Challenge” Began

The Willis Organization was looking to build on the success of their instructor-led Power Selling program and make it accessible online to expand their market. The challenge was to create a unique approach that would break with existing and traditional online sales training.

Most salespeople like golf. It’s fun, competitive, and challenges their personal skill. A golf analogy would let users learn and remember the skills needed for selling and would be a cool way to learn how to sell!

Go for the Green Selling Challenge

Let’s create a product that boosts selling skills and call it “Go for the Green Selling Challenge”. It will link the challenges and competition of selling with the competitive challenges of golf. Both selling and golf require preparation, planning, and practice on a defined “track” to maximize positive outcomes and results. Go for the Green Selling Challenge will be the forum where selling skills are learned and practiced; then, played out and scored, all within a virtual golf setting. In essence it will help you learn selling skillspractice selling skills, and score selling skills.

Go For the Green Selling Challenge

We started to build two modules to link selling skills with golf. We called the skills learning module Practice and the skills testing module, Play. The Practice module was created. All 9 key selling skills with 9 holes of golf were story boarded and developed.

Oops! How Do We Do That?

We found a major hang-up in our plan. My business partner, Linda, asked, “Now, how do we develop the Play module to test the skills users learn in Practice?” We thought there had to be a solution online. We needed some kind of eLearning template for the Play module so we could plug in our quiz questions and do some customizing to fit our eLearning content.

Our search found a lot of golf site templates, golf game scoring templates and, finally, the one we were looking for, the eLearning Brothers’ golf challenge game template.

Go For the Green Selling Challenge

We worked our way through the eLearning Brothers template demo. It kept getting better and better: it was built around a 9-hole course, an exact fit for our 9 sales skills. The graphics were excellent, it was 100% customizable, and it could be easily uploaded on our site to create the Play component we were after! We became eLearning Brothers members right away.

Working with eLearning Brothers

We soon discovered the template was only part of the story. The eLearning Brothers custom eLearning development team was as impressive as their templates. The responsive support offered by Brother Shawn, Brother Andrew, and Sister Rosie was way beyond our expectations. This was the beginning of what has been and continues to be an incredibly awesome relationship between eLearning Brothers and us.

Later on, when users said they wanted more sets of Play quizzes, Brother Shawn came up with a creative and cost-effective way to expand the template’s functionality and give our users what they were looking for—more above and beyond! The Brothers sure made us look good.

The eLearning Brothers made it possible for us to bring our whole concept together and realize our product vision. Their golf template is an integral part of our first Go for the Green Selling Challenge product. We used to think eLearning Brothers’ template was 50% of our product, but we now realize it’s way more than that. We’ve also used the template’s graphics throughout the Practice module to integrate it visually with the Play module, and eLearning Brothers template graphics are all over our site.

Why Use eLearning Brothers Templates?

There is no way I could create our online course without their game templates. They helped us streamline our production time, create a high quality game, and delight our customers with a great game environment.

The Result

Every day we work with our product and our site, we are reminded of how lucky we were that day our online searching found eLearning Brothers and their truly awesome team! Without the eLearning Brothers our product vision could not be possible:

Thanks eLearning Brothers! We couldn’t have done it without you. We couldn’t be more pleased with what you’ve helped us do with our product and our business.

-Peter Willis

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