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Do you have a glossary of terms that you’d like to have in every course? When there are additions and edits would you like to change one file and have it update every course? We’ll…if so you’re in luck!

Below are the steps that I take to build Global (or Universal) Glossaries.


The basic concept is that you create a glossary in Engage and then export it as a website. You can then upload it to a server and use the direct URL to access it from any course. You’d place the link in the Attachments section within Articulate Presenter.
Step 1: Build a glossary interaction in Engage
1. Create New Interaction
2. Choose Glossary
3. Input glossary terms
4. When done click Publish
5. Choose the Web tab
6. Select a publish folder
Step 2: Upload the Glossary files
1. Upload the entire Glossary folder to your web server (typically you’d upload this to the same server that houses your completed courses.)
2. Make note of the entire URL to this location
Step 3: Attach the Glossary to your course.
1. Open the PowerPoint file for your course
2. Click Articulate / Attachments
3. Type a Title such as Glossary of Terms
4. Choose Link as the Type
5. In the Path field type the full URL to the engage.html file on your server
6. Click OK
Here is a sample of the Glossary link. Notice how the tab says Glossary instead of Attachments. The step below explains how to change that text.glossary_final
Optional Step: Change the Course Tab text to Glossary
1. Click Player Templates
2. Make sure that the Player Template that you’d like to change is selected in the drop-down at the bottom of the window
3. Choose Text Labels tab
4. Change the text for Attachments to anything that you’d like. (i.e. Glossary)
5. Click Close

Quickly build eLearning games and eLearning interactions. Works with your eLearning authoring tool. No programming needed.

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