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storyline master slides

When starting anything new for the first time, there is a huge incentive to get good and to get good fast. Articulate Storyline has made it amazingly fast to get good with their Slide Master View. If you are new to Articulate Storyline, you might be wondering how a new view will help you become an awesome project designer. Well let me show you!

The Slide Master view isn’t just a new perspective on a project; it is a layout creator that allows you to make a template once and quickly copy that layout to the rest of the project for a very streamlined and uniform look without increasing development time. This feature also immensely improves the speed in which you can rebrand or reskin a project to fit different areas of your work. Using the Slide Master view is a very simple, yet powerful, tool that can be implemented by following these instructions.

The first thing to do is to click on the View tab at the top of the screen and then click on the Slide Master view. You will then want to delete the default templates that are already inserted into the boxes so that you can insert your own content. Then, insert your image into the second slide of the Slide Master. This will allow you to put different backgrounds into the different slides. If you put an image into the top slide (the biggest slide box), you will have the same image in all of the slides below that. Now, click on the Slide View tab and right click on the slide you want to insert the new layout into. Scroll down to Layout, and then click on the slide that you modified in the Slide Master. The same process used in the Slide Master view can also be used in the Feedback Master view to edit layers other than the base layer within a slide.

Here is a brief video showing how to use the Slide Master view within a project.

The Slide Master view and the Feedback Master view are very simple and powerful tools that will help you in quickly building clean cut projects without having to spend hours meticulously aligning photos and backgrounds. They are there just waiting to help you on your next adventure! On your next project, use the Slide Master and the Feedback Master views, and you will see the difference in the quality of your projects. Let me know how your experience has been with Master Slides and how they have transformed your eLearning development in the comments below!

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