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One of the best things about PowerPoint is its ability to handle a variety of third party add-ins. A lot of these add-ins can totally change your view of PowerPoint and its capabilities. One such is iSpring—an add-in allowing for scoring, interactive branching, and quizzing scenarios. PowerPoint alone is a great tool for presenting information quickly and efficiently. But coupled with iSpring, your presentation becomes a place where you can test the knowledge learned by seamlessly quizzing your users with a variety of questions and formats. I will be running through and showing you how to get started with iSpring’s QuizMaker.

The very first step to making a quiz in iSpring is choosing what kind of quiz you would like to create, you have a choice between a Graded Quiz or a Survey. The two choices differ in the kinds of questions you can create and how the LMS reads it. In this example, I will be showing you how to create a graded quiz.

Quiz 1
When you click on the Graded Quiz, you will be navigated to a screen where you are able to set up your quiz. The first thing you need to know is the two different views that are available to you when making a quiz. The two views are Form View and Slide View. Both of the views have the same capabilities but each have their strong suits. In Form View, you have an overview of the whole quiz and a simple editing layout. This view makes it simple to write the questions and answers you want to have portrayed. This view is also very helpful for when you are wanting to see the navigation of the quiz. Meaning you can make your branching scenarios and edit your feedback in this view. Slide View is where you edit the graphical layout of your quiz. Here you can change the background and text color, and the location of your questions in relation to the answers.

Quiz 2Quiz 3
The next step is now how to add questions to your quiz. To the top right of the Form View, you will see a ruler with a checkmark that says Graded Question and right next to it a pen and paper that says Survey Question. These two buttons are the buttons you want to press to show the variety of question types that you can choose from. There are question types ranging from True/False to Fill in the Blank. The amount of customizability that is available to your quiz making is huge. With iSpring’s QuizMaker you can truly make the right quiz for your learner in virtually no time at all. Once you add the questions types that you want in your quiz, it is now a simple process of editing the text to meet your needs.

Quiz 4

After you have finished the quiz, the only step left is to getting it to work with your already-built presentation. In the Form View to the right of the banner at the top, you will see a button that says Save and Return to Course. When you click that button, it will insert a “dummy” slide into presentation. Be careful that you do not insert the quiz on top of a slide that you already have in your course. It will insert the quiz onto the selected slide no matter what is already on it. So make sure you insert and select a blank slide for the quiz to be inserted onto. When the quiz is inserted into your slide, drag and drop it wherever you want it appear.

Quiz 5
You will find when your presentation arrives at the quiz slide during a preview that it isn’t interactive, and the quiz doesn’t start up. To make it so the quiz runs properly, you need to go back into the quiz you just created and publish it out. To do that, you need to go File, and then scroll down to Publish (in the QuizMaker for the quiz you just made). This will publish the entire presentation out as HTML 5 and Flash (unless otherwise specified). The presentation will work just like it does normally, but the quiz will now be functioning.

Quiz 6
The iSpring QuizMaker is an extremely versatile tool that allows for extensive customization and usability. The quizzes that you create can easily be imported into your projects to create a presentation that not only informs but tests the knowledge of your users. Comment below and let me know how the QuizMaker has helped make your presentations awesome!

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