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There is a heavy stigma associated with templates and even with PowerPoint: They are beginner tools that don’t permit advanced users to create awesomeness. While using templates (especially from eLearning Brothers) and PowerPoint can be fast and easy, it doesn’t always equate to a lack of depth or creative possibility. It is actually quite the opposite. It is important to note that, yes, more often than not, a beginner in PowerPoint may use a template until they feel comfortable creating their own presentations. Also note that even advanced users of PowerPoint still use templates to save time and jumpstart the creative process. Because who likes staring at a blank slide or page? I mean, heck, if I could get a template that would prevent writer’s block, I would! Let me walk you through and show you just how powerful templates can be in the right hands.

Personal and Corporate Branding:

elearning Templates in PowerPoint

At eLearning Brothers, we know that the templates you download don’t always fit your branding standards and specifications. So we made it as easy as possible for you to turn an eLB template into your personal presentation masterpiece. Almost everything that you would want to change about a template is located within the Master Slide View. This allows you to makes changes to a slide and then insert it into your slide as many times as you want. You do this by creating a new slide (outside of the Slide Master View) and then change the layout of the slide. You will see that all the slides in the Master View appear, permitting you to insert any layout of your choosing. This saves an amazing amount of time as well as creates a process that is easy to follow and maintain.

Exchange Assets:

free powerpoint templates

Everything in our templates are placeholders. Meaning the images, titles, and especially the Lorem Ipsum filler text and simply that: Fillers. We expect you to change them out and replace them with your own images and titles. If it is a background image, you will need to change that in the Slide Master View. If it is located anywhere else, you need to change it outside of the Slide Master View. You can also download the graphic source files and receive all the assets we used to create that specific product. Meaning all .psd, .jpeg, .pngs, are yours to edit. On that note, remember that once you download any file from eLearning Brothers they are yours to do as you please. So create awesomeness!

Replace Fonts:

In a past blog, I talked about the underutilized feature of replacing the font throughout the entire presentation with only a handful of clicks. The same technique should be used when using one of our templates. We like to think that we know how you like your fonts, but sometimes we are wrong… like a cheap steakhouse. Luckily replacing fonts, even presentation wide, is easier than transforming a chewy well-done steak into a juicy medium-rare masterpiece.

With eLearning Brothers templates, you will never start on a blank slide again. And you will always have a jumping off point for creating amazing presentations in half the time. Download some of our free PowerPoint templates or purchase a subscription to the biggest and most diverse eLearning (and Presentation) Library on the planet! Useful comments? Leave them in the section below!

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