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When taking a new employee under your wing, it’s important to get them oriented to the ins and outs of your organization: the company culture, the standard operating procedures, policies. The works.

Perhaps one of the most important things to give them a firm understanding of is the organizational structure, because this influences so many aspects of the job.

“Who do I report to?”
“Who will I be working with?”
“What are my responsibilities?”

These are all questions that can be efficiently answered by one of our Storyline people profile interactions.


Screenshot 2016-04-11 16.02.00

Here you’ll see a lineup of professionally dressed characters, each of them playing a different role in their organization. By hovering over each individual character with the mouse, a learner will be treated to a brief description of the character’s responsibilities, their position within the corporate structure, and any other pertinent information you wish to include.


Screenshot 2016-04-11 16.12.35

We also have a similar interaction applied to the medical field, explaining the various different roles one sees throughout a medical facility: doctor, nurse, anesthesiologist, etc.

Notice in both templates how the person being discussed will assume a more open, conversational body language, as well as coming into focus while the others are blurred, drawing attention to the character in question. This also gives the impression of a panel discussion, each character speaking in turn until everyone has been heard from.

Speech Bubbles

Screenshot 2016-04-11 16.24.10 Black_Right_Arrow Screenshot 2016-04-11 16.24.23

We also have a selection of speech bubble based interactions. You are once again presented with a lineup of characters, but this time, there is more room for information. Hovering on each character will once again present more open body language, but now they also have a speech bubble to call attention to themselves. Clicking on a character brings us to another slide displaying all the necessary info. Displayed are the construction and medical versions of this interaction.

Screenshot 2016-04-11 16.29.29 Black_Right_Arrow Screenshot 2016-04-11 16.29.38

For these Storyline interactions and many other Storyline templates like them, please check out our template library and download today!

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