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This week I stubbled onto a website that inspired me (screenshot above). I Love clean, simple, bright designs which this has. Usually I tend to design layouts that have more depth to them. Depth is created with gradients and shadows. Though there is some depth, this design is mostly flat but works excellent because the layout is compositionally balanced.

Below are some screenshots of what I came up with that could be used for an eLearning course.



I simply downloaded a few templates from our eLearning Template Library and modified the colors. The illustrated kid character was the funnest to modify. I downloaded the Adobe Illustrator Source files and was able to change all the colors. Here’s a tutorial on how to do this.

Below is the original illustrated kid character.

There are some amazing graphic designers out there. Who better to seek inspiration from than those who are experts. I often do a quick screenshot of things that catch my eye and archive them for later use.

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