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Our abundant cutout character library is a perfect way to put a human face on your eLearning course, with hundreds of characters from dozens of different careers and occupations. But you might not have known about our extensive library of cartoon and illustrated cutouts. Not only do they give your course some personality, but there is also an inherent playfulness to an illustrated character. They make a great alternative to photographic cutouts when you want to create a course that lets loose a little bit or even when creating eLearning for children.

Our Comic course starter makes use of cartoon cutout characters to create a more immersive experience. Its retro comic book theme lends itself nicely to cartoon characters like Sarah, shown below.


With a few different styles of illustrated cutouts, here’s a sample of what you’ll find in the cutout library.



Allowing your learners to identify with the characters in the course is an important aspect of engagement. These simplified, faceless cutouts have a unique advantage, in that their blank visages force the learner to put themselves in the course by populating the character with their own psyche. It’s the same reason that many epic genre movies have otherwise unremarkable main characters: it puts the audience into the adventure when the protagonist is Joe Everyman.


Keeping the general proportions of the human body within realistic bounds while taking some liberties with textures and facial expressions, these characters work nicely for giving the course just a touch of levity. They are realistic enough that they are identifiable and sympathetic but cartoonish enough that we can leave them in the realm of hypotheticals, making them more like characters than people.

Stick Figures

To give your course a hand-drawn, DIY look, try some of our Stick Figure characters, which showcase a radical, fun-loving-yet-serious take on cutouts.


These characters are the essence of cartoon and illustration, exaggerating many features of the human form, most prominently being their larger-than-life, but oh-so-expressive heads and faces. As it was previously pointed out, they work particularly well with an illustrated template like the Comic course starter.

Which style of Cartoon Cutout People is your favorite? Check them out in the Cutout Character library and let us know in the comments!

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