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In many cases, it doesn’t pay to cut corners. But today we want to show you one case where it does. No, we’re not talking about sacrificing quality for the sake of efficiency—that’s not the eLB way. We’re talking about literally cutting across a 90º angle to smooth over a sharp corner, the aesthetically pleasing way in which we made the Simple Rounder collection of templates for Storyline.


This selection uses a monochromatic color scheme, complete with a radial shadow gradient for texture. This template is all about polar opposites coming together, as evidenced by the black-text-white-background mingling nicely with white-text-black-background. Notice also the smooth contrast of the white box’s rounded corners against the darker box’s sharp angles.


Here we opt for a triple-dose of roundness by including two rounded boxes in the foreground, as well as a smattering of circles floating through the deep blue background. The overall aesthetic is indicative of rushing water, permeated by bubbles and foam.


Just in time for spring, drop this shining template into your next course. With vibrant greens, a rippling pattern of repeating circles, and reflective surfaces, this template is practically bouncing with energy. When most people look at a piece of visual design, their eyes naturally start at the top left and scan until they get to the bottom right. This template takes advantage of this and uses the implied motion of the wave to lead the eye in that direction.

For more Simple Rounder Templates, as well as loads of others, check the Storyline template library today!

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