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captivate themes

Putting together a cohesive and good-looking eLearning course takes effort and planning. The designer needs to know the goal of the course and pick a consistent and appropriate tone for the material. With a little help from our library of Captivate themes, however, you can narrow that process down to one easy question: Which theme fits your subject matter?



As a theme, Vibrant is summer incarnate. Featuring prominently a group of young friends dressed for sunny weather and good times, this template makes use of bright desaturated colors that create the feeling of bright sunshine washing over the landscape. It’s perfectly suited for subject matters dealing with youth, summer, leisure, and much more.



Simple does just what it says on the tin. A smooth sans-serif title font and a clean white border pop in contrast to the quaintness of the black and white main image. Use this template for a more subdued theme to let the words do the talking and ensure that the color you do use packs a significant punch.



If Vibrant is summer incarnate, Poise embodies autumn. With a pensive color scheme of orange, yellow, charcoal, and white, Poise will have you pining for the days of light jackets, brightly colored leaves, and piles of novels waiting to be read. Poise also distinguishes itself by experimenting with diagonal lining to add a layer of design that makes it not only contemplative but delightfully quirky.



If you’re looking for modern and geometric, have a look at Clear, which juxtaposes light blue quadrilaterals with a charcoal background. The color scheme, along with the abundance of right angles give Clear a decidedly futuristic and technological feel that leaves learners hoping for more.

For these and other beautifully crafted Captivate themes, peruse our Captivate Theme Library to get started on your next course!

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