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For those in school, this time of year is a hectic race against the clock that tests the academic mettle of even the mightiest of students: Midterms. It’s a harrowing time when workloads increase, quizzes become more frequent, and grades can turn for better or worse on a dime.

With this part of the school year upon us, it seems only fitting to feature a couple school-themed Storyline templates to commemorate the millions of students from primary school to university who are hard at work doing their best to survive midterms and become the hardworking adults who will power this world in years to come.


Retro, nostalgic, and instantly recognizable, that smooth sheet of green slate, smeared with a characteristic residue of long-erased chalk, a chalkboard is almost synonymous with school and academia. At the sight of one of these sturdy and reliable relics, you can almost smell the dust, hear the hypnotic “kswish” of the chalk, and see an intensely focused mathematician scratching out equations across it’s polished rocky surface. The Chalkboard template allows you to capture that aesthetic on a computer screen with white fonts and a series of layouts, adding not only novelty, but variety to your course.

White Board

Over the past couple decades, chalkboards have been gradually phased out in favor a sleeker, cleaner option. Whiteboards allow all the same capabilities as their greener counterparts, but with the added bonuses of cleaner erasing, more colors, and the ability to stick things to it’s surface with magnets. The contrast of black lettering on a white surface is also easier for the human eye to read. The Whiteboard template bring an updated touch to your school-themed courses giving that same academic feel to trainees of a younger generation.

You can find these and much more in our Storyline Template Library. Find what you’re looking for in our library today!

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