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Get on the Path to the eLearning Hall of Fame

The eLearning Brothers Custom Solutions team continuously sets the pace for the innovative use of learning technology. Offering cutting edge solutions with consulting, full-service instructional design, rapid development, games and simulations, and more, we delight our customers with deeply immersive and visually explosive learning experiences. We like to say our Custom Solutions can get you into the eLearning Hall of Fame.

Our amazing skillset has been recognized and utilized by many companies throughout the world including Google, Amazon, PayPal, and Adobe. The courses we create have been recognized by the Brandon Hall Group, DemoFest, LearnX, and more. Our trophy case doesn’t lie.

The power behind eLearning Brothers Custom rests in our heavy-hitting eLearning designers and developers. Our Custom Solutions designers and developers, including Bill West, Misty Harding, and Amber Rodbell, pour out vast amounts of knowledge into our eLearning blog—just for you.

Continuing that attitude of free knowledge, we’ve got some great webinars scheduled with Misty and Amber coming up! They’ll be sharing some of their instructional design knowledge live. Tune in and get tips to help you and your courses end up in the eLearning Hall of Fame too.

Adaptive Storyboarding Tools – 11/9/2017

Adaptive Storyboarding Tools

Storyboarding is a communication tool, whether it be from you to a developer, from you to a stakeholder, or from you to yourself two weeks from now when you finally sit down to work but have forgotten all the creative ideas you had! Most of the industry uses a boring, 3-column storyboard that serves a great purpose for documenting script but doesn’t help to communicate, doesn’t encourage creativity, and doesn’t lend itself to painting the whole picture of your project for sign-off.

Professional designers need multiple tools in their arsenal that they can adapt to projects of any size and nature, that help them to: capture the project parameters, anchor themselves to the design principles, capture creative design, double-check the design against parameters like seat time and budget, gain sign-off from stakeholders, and easily involve other people in the project like other instructional designers or developers. In this course, you’ll be introduced to four methodologies: Smart Outlines, Blueprints, Wireframes, and Professional Storyboards that will help you to address all of those concerns and come off looking like the professional you are. Register now.

Conquering Character State Changes in Storyline – 11/21/2017

Conquering Character State Changes in Storyline

A quick webinar on how to effectively change your characters in Storyline. We will be reviewing different visual options and character state change solutions. Register now.

Creating Meaningful Scenarios – 12/7/2017

Creating Meaningful Scenarios

Is your scenario-based training actually meaningful to learners—or are you missing out on opportunities to truly change behavior through impactful scenario design? Join us for this webinar, which will explore the 4 Cs to Meaningful Scenario Design: Choices, Consequences, Connections, and Corrections. We’ll discuss how you can structure your course to make the most out of all four of these areas in order to start designing scenarios that mean something to your learner and actually lead to behavior change. Register now.

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