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Get Moving with Motion Paths in Captivate 9_800x350

Summertime here in the Western United States is a time for a plethora of outdoor activities all designed with one goal in mind: Get moving. This is good advice for all of us if we want to maintain or improve our health. The same advice holds true for improving learner engagement and interest in our eLearning courses. Get moving. Adding motion to objects in Captivate 9 is not as difficult as it may seem.

Motion paths are one of several animation choices available in Captivate 9. In addition, you can also use basic, entrance, emphasis, and exit animations, but those will be covered at another time.

Giving your objects a motion can enhance learner interest and engagement in an otherwise somewhat stilted course.

Let’s look at how to use motion paths in this video.

So, now that you’ve seen how to use motion paths to bring life and excitement to your eLearning, get out there and get moving.

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