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captivate player skins

An oft-quoted nugget of wisdom advises us to love ourselves, to be accepting and patient with our own human flaws. In short, we ought to be comfortable in our own skin.

Believe it or not, the same advice applies to eLearning courses. They want to feel valued and wanted (at least, I imagine they would if they were self-aware), but their little electronic bodies don’t have the hands or brains to take care of themselves. That’s why it’s your job as an eLearning professional and help your courses to feel comfortable in their own skins. Navigation skins that is.

We have several Adobe Captivate player skins to use on your next project, and we’d like to point out some of the benefits of doing so.

Intuitive Navigation

Racecar  Captivate Player Skin

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The mark of an elegant interface is that the average person could be sat down in front of the UI and instantly be able to use it without someone holding their hand the whole way. It’s the reason your toddler can pick up your tablet and turn it on without your help: the design just makes sense. Above, you’ll see our Racecar Player Skin which employs commonly used icons for each of the navigation buttons, making it a cinch to get around the course.


Skin 02  Captivate Player Skin

Just because it’s intuitive, that doesn’t mean each navigation panel  has to look exactly the same. Many skins put the navigation buttons along the bottom of the screen, but—as you can see in the Skin 02 template above—you can put them wherever it makes sense and choose the aesthetic that works best with your course.

Control in the Hands of the Learner

Slick  Captivate Player Skin

Player skins can also put control into the hands of the learner. We all learn at our own pace, so sometimes it’s necessary to make a adjustments. Along with making navigation easier, a table of contents (like the one shown in our Slick player skin shown above) is a great tool for giving the learner context for the current lesson, as well as an easy method for going back to see what they missed.

Find more Captivate player skins here (including those shown above)!

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