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Though medical professionals are so much more than just what they wear, it would be a bit unusual to step into a hospital where no one was wearing scrubs. Scrubs are more or less the unofficial uniform of the medical world. They come in all kinds of colors, they’re highly functional, and–as many of my medically-inclined friends have told me–they are oh so comfortable.

Screenshot 2016-01-20 14.19.15

Today we’re looking at a set of Captivate 9 templates called Destiny, which follow a beautiful aquamarine color scheme reminiscent of the typical scrubs you might see on a doctor or nurse, contrasted by a vivid red that recalls medical imagery for obvious reasons. The subtle geometric patterns even bring to mind the crisscrossing threads you might see on your clothes if you were to look closely.

Screenshot 2016-01-20 14.22.08

Each template in this set contains the interactions and scenario-based modules you’ve come to expect from us, such as click-and-reveal, branching scenarios, quizzes and more.

Screenshot 2016-01-20 14.18.29

And if you need a human element in your course, Destiny also includes a couple of friendly and astute medical cutout characters. Remember, if you’re a Captivate 9 user, all of these templates are integrated into the software. You can find them under the Assets button. If you like, you can watch our short video that shows you how to access them. In addition to our Captivate templates, we have many other libraries you can subscribe to here.

Download today and get operating on your next medical eLearning course!


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