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Free iSpring Character

Last week was a Storyline Character set. This week, we’ve added an iSpring Character Pack to our Free Library and Cutout People subscriptions! In this character pack, Mason struts his stuff onto the stage, sporting a casual look of a blue button-up shirt, shorts, and sandals. These brand new iSpring Character Packs easily integrate into your iSpring Suite software.

Mason iSpring Free

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Mason fits comfortably into casual conversation scenarios. He can represent a close friend or co-worker and even a customer or neighbor.  As with all of our iSpring Characters, this pack comes with 5 different states/poses, allowing him to show different types of responses. His range of emotion includes everything from confused to excited to happy to concerned.

Each of these poses is bundled into one .ischaracter file. Watch this video on how to use our iSpring Character Packs after you have downloaded them!

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