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Ghost Chaser

Behold, mere mortals… a Flash game so fun it’s scary! Subject your bloodshot eyes and trembling fingers to this Halloween-themed eLearning game!

There’s something strange in your neighborhood–a hoard of ghosts. Time to hop into your muscle car and flee the undead for as long as you can.

Ghost Chaser_select carWith gameplay similar to that of the video game classic Pac-man, Ghost Chaser sees you driving through a haunted maze, four ghosts converging on your vehicle. You must evade these vengeful spirits for as long as you can, navigating the twists and turns of the maze without getting cornered. How long can you survive?

Ghost Chaser_gameplay1Simple in both gameplay and premise, Ghost Chaser is suitable as an intermission to break up a long-winded course and even better as an end-of-course reward. If your LMS supports Flash games, it’s a great addition to any Halloween-themed course.

Try out and download the demo here! Or have a look at our other Flash games.

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