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Part of being a good citizen of the learning community is citing your sources. You want to wield a strong ethos when making an argument, but it can’t just be your word alone. When you point to where you got your information, it lets people know that you’re not just making things up, and when something seems suspect, they can follow the citation and decide for themselves whether they trust the source or not.Free

Today for Freebie Friday, we’re taking a look at a handy graphic that’s suited to all of your citation needs. This PowerPoint tear sheet graphic works wonders for pulling quotes out of a larger piece of work. Simply paste a fuller version of the document you are quoting in the background for context, and paste the quote itself on the strip of paper in the foreground. Tada! You now have an excerpt that looks sharp and official!

This free PowerPoint template is also supremely customizable. If, for instance, you wanted to change the color of the paper, simply click on the fill color drop down selection, and you have all the colors of the rainbow at your disposal.

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And you don’t have to settle for one size of paper either. Make sure you have the size that suits your needs.

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This template and other fun assets are available as a part of our Free Library subscription.

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