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Free Captivate Interaction

As you may or may not know, our Captivate templates (and cutout people!) now come included with the purchase of Captivate 9. But what about those of you who still may be on Captivate 7 or 8? We know you’re out there, and we’ve got your back, too! This week, we’re adding a great pyramid interaction to our Free Library subscription.

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This pyramid diagram is a great way to show the different tiers in a concept. For instance, this is a common diagram used for Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It can also be used to show a structural organization, with a foundational principle, location, or person(s) at the bottom and all of the pieces that build on top of it. You can also use this interaction to simply show the differences in size or quantity of a group of similar objects.

One of the great things about an interaction is that it’s easy to turn into a game or a quiz as well. Take a previous concept where you used this interaction, add a scoring system, and make it into something fun!


As with all of our templates, you can completely customize the colors, fonts, buttons, etc. with your company’s own brand and style. However you choose to use it, you can use it for free when you create an account with us for any of our free eLearning templates.

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