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eLearning Infrastructure

Are you just starting your journey into eLearning? Or perhaps you’ve already got some traction, but you’re struggling with the right eLearning infrastructure within your organization to really make it work. We are fortunate to work with dozens of clients who are just getting going in the online learning arena. Making the jump from successful classroom training or general information services to the online world of effective eLearning can be challenging and can present many roadblocks. In our experience, content may be compelling, but the self-paced experience may be lacking, which detracts from a successful online learning strategy.

Free White Paper on eLearning Infrastructure

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Key Questions for Migrating to eLearning

As we consult with our customers who are taking the plunge into eLearning, we have found that a few key questions are worthy of consideration. If these are addressed effectively, we find that the migration to eLearning is typically much more successful:

  • What’s out there? Is there competition in your particular subject matter offering?
  • How will you package (or “chunk”) your offerings? Curriculum, courses, modules, etc.
  • What’s worth tracking? Course completion? Assessments?
  • How will you track the user experience? Do you have an LMS? How robust is it? Customizable reporting? What can you afford?
  • If you’re selling externally, how should you price your offerings? What are typical price models?

We’ve collaborated on these questions and more with many of our clients over several years, and it’s been gratifying to see the success they’re enjoying. A few months ago one of our clients asked us to document our collective years of experience and industry know-how into an infrastructure analysis and recommendations document.

This document evolved into a 10-page White Paper that is available for download with a Free eLearning Templates account. We hope that this Free but valuable White Paper can help you navigate the new and exciting uncharted territory of on-demand eLearning within your organization. Just one more way you can become an eLearning rock star!

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