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Template for Captivate 8

The first Mobile Instructional Design Storyboard Template for Captivate 8 is now available for download! That’s right! Now you can have a whole Instructional Design process already made for you for your next mobile/tablet project. (Talk about making history!)

Click Here to Download this Free Template

 You may be asking yourself, can I use this Captivate 8 Template for any mobile design project? The answer is yes. It is a PowerPoint file made specifically for the new Captivate 8 update, which is mobile supported for responsive design. We think most ID’s will appreciate this awesome and timely Responsive Storyboard Template, no matter if you use Captivate 8, or not. 

Here is how you get this template:

#1 Sign up for a free account to get this template.
#2 Go to the freebies section in the eLearning Template Library.
#3 Search for the product called, ELB ID Template
#4 Download the Responsive Storyboard Template
#5 BOOM! You’re ready to do Responsive eLearning 

This is what you can do with this new responsive template:

  • Design for Mobile/Tablet features (swipe, tap, and pinch)
  • Make courses with GeoLocation enabled
  • Create clean storyboard content for your client
  • Intake client/SME observations and suggestions
  • Keep track of your instructional design and development project needs
  • Organize course based on client style guide
  • Build a Table of Contents
  • Save valuable time on your design process

*Bonus: Stay tuned if you use Articulate Storyline user, we may or may not be making a Storyboard template made in and for Storyline.


Want to have a strong Instructional Design process? Check out the 8 Steps for an Awesome eLearning Storyboard. This will make provide a speedy and efficient process for your eLearning team. Click the link below:

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Sign up for a free account and start downloading this template for free.


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