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free picture frame graphicsWhen you’re a teenager, every positive experience seems new and exciting. You’ve transitioned out of childhood and have started to see the world through eyes that are somewhat adult. You form interests, hobbies, and ideas that you’ve suddenly deemed worthy to hang on your bedroom wall, memorialized as a posters, photographs, and other memorabilia. As true adults, many of us still like to decorate our walls, but with one notable difference: we put our wall art in frames.

This can make the difference between a room that looks like a Reagen-era MTV studio exploded in it and a room that was decorated by a seasoned adult with culture and taste. Slap a tattered Nirvana poster on the wall and your just a misunderstood, angsty freshman. But frame that same poster and hang it on the wall with consideration and the right amount of feng shui, and now you’re an enlightened grown-up with a well-cultivated taste for early-90s grunge.

The same principle can most certainly apply to eLearning graphics. Sometimes a graphic can stand on it’s own, but at other times a good picture frame graphic can really spruce things up with some context. That’s why we have a selection of cutout frame images to choose from. These “hollowed out” PNG files can be placed over the frameless image in question to give it some pizzazz or personality.


Here we have a cute little doggy who is–ahem–emBARKing on an epic journey. Pretty standard stuff. But then…

stock-photo-traveling-jack-russell-dog-h-500973   +  9188079-web-Cutout-Frame   =

dog snapshogt

Now we have a historical snapshot of the brave globetrotting pooch that defied all the odds and inspired a nation.

Notice how the first picture is a clever novelty, while the new “snapshot” version is given a sort of panache from the old style photography. Instead of just a funny image, we now have a story.


Here’s an awesome shot of the eLearning Brothers 2015 Ragnar team, a fine group of men and women if I do say so myself.. But then…


gloriuos ragnar team 2015

BOOM! This here is a monument to the 14 brave souls who marched into glorious battle with Mother Nature and a legion of casual joggers, living to tell the tale! Truly these are heroes to be revered!

Our cutout frames are also handy for showcasing your eLearning courses. Perhaps you’d like to simulate how your product might look on a mobile device

17095  Shoot Out  Edge Animate Game   eLearning Template Library   Tons of templates to create awesome courses

Here’s a screenshot from one of our favorite eLearning games, Shootout. But what if…?



SHAZAM! An easy, simulated image that sidesteps the problematic nature of photographing electric screens.

The picture frame graphics that we’ve used in these examples are available from our free library. To get yourself a free account, sign up here.

If you’d like some other cool options, you can see our other subscription options here.

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