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Today we would like to give you Free eLearning Templates for Lectora to enhance your courses. The Lectora tool is so powerful when teamed up with eLearning templates. You’ll experience a boost in your creativity and development time. So, what are some of the Free Templates you can you use in Lectora?  Let me show you. But, before I show you, remember you need to sign up to get these Free eLearning Templates for Lectora.

Free Cutout People Images

free eLearning templates

When you get access to the free eLearning Template Library, you’ll see you can download hi-res photos of these cutout people images. These images have three download options to fit you eLearning needs. Usually, you will see a web version, medium, and large photo dimensions available. Imagine accessing the full eLearning Template Library, you’ll have thousands of cutout people images in hundreds of poses and industries to choose from to make your course amazing.

Free Illustrated Images

free eLearning templates

You also can download our illustrated characters. These come in three download options like the cutout people images.

Free eLearning Interaction Template for Lectora

free eLearning templates

This is the big daddy of them all! The Lectora Interaction Template (dramatic pause). As you can see, designing an interaction by yourself could become very time-consuming. We have you covered here. Plus, we give you the source files, so you have the freedom to change this template. When you have the source files, you can edit templates in Lectora. 

So, when you become a free eLearning Templates member, be sure to download this Lectora Interaction. Here is some more information that might help you use this in your next project.

• HTML Output
• Number of squares (up to 12)
• Source files include
• Images assets included

System Requirements:
• Lectora V11
• Lectora Online

Template Tutorials:
• Learn how to use this template.

Versions / Updates:
• Version 1.2 – Released 19 June 2014: New animations and code enhancements.
• Version 1.1 – Released 10 Mar. 2014
• Version 1.0 – Released 23 Sept. 2013

Note: You must sign up as a Free Member to access Free templates in the eLearning Library. Click here to learn more about a Free membership. If you want access to the entire library of 30,000+ templates then sign up to our eLearning Template Library and be AWESOME.

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