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We are excited to offer this free Articulate Player Skin! (IMPORTANT: When you download the .zip file you need to change the extension to .artpkg. That will make Articulate recognize it as an Articulate skin file.)

We hope you enjoy it! All we ask in return is that you spread the word. Share the link to this free Articulate skin blog post with others. Shoot out a tweet, update your status on Facebook, or if you’re feeling adventurous… publish a blog post.

Here is a close-up of the free Articulate skin. Note: This free Articulate Skin is the “simple no audio” version of the Aspen Articulate Skin Series.

“Simple No Audio” version of the Articulate Skin:

  • Simplified player with limited buttons
  • Navigation visible
  • Menu visible
  • Attachments visible

Download the Free Articulate Skin.
Note: This side work in the “No sidebar” viewing mode. If you change your view mode in the Slide Properties it will mess up the skin. (Skin FAQs)

Here is a tutorial on how to install the Articulate skin.

Demo the “standard” paid version Aspen Articulate skin.

Go check out the “standard” paid version of this Articulate Player.

Purchase Articulate skins here.

Custom Articulate Skins!

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