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Free Captivate template

We’d like give you a free Adobe Captivate template! This free eLearning template is one of the many new Captivate interactions in the Library. Captivate interactions are great to engage your learners in the content. And yes, this template is SCORM compliant. 

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Media Viewer Captivate Template:

We give you a Adobe Captivate template file. Just open and use in the Adobe Captivate. How this template works is when you click on one of the four media squares you activate a pop up to give your learners more detail. Here are some of the features of this template.

• four blocks of info
• Select any block to see more information
• Simple to use and easy to modify
• Flash and HTML5 output
• SCORM compliant

System Requirements:
• Captivate 6 or 7

How to Get Started with the New Adobe Captivate Template Interaction


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