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A branching scenario is always good for walking learners through a real-world situation from the safety of their computer. It’s like training wheels: even if the learner fails, they don’t fail too spectacularly, and they learn what to do differently in the future.

We’ve put together four new branching scenario templates for Adobe Captivate that you can use to build a more versatile course for your learners, while teaching them how to communicate more effectively.


Screenshot 2016-03-21 16.05.06

You’ve got a letter that demands immediate action! Two options lay before you and you need to choose which is more appropriate given the situation. Will the next letter you receive be one of praise, or one of reproach?

Social Media

Screenshot 2016-03-21 16.05.16

Seizing hold of the developed world in just a matter of a few years, social media is an important part of daily life for internet-faring societies. When something is such a fixture in our lives, it makes sense to teach learners about the situations they might run into online. In this template, a series of social media scenarios is placed before you and you need to figure out the appropriate course of action for each. Give it a try and see if your choice brings about positive, negative, or neutral results.

Social Media – iPad

Screenshot 2016-03-21 16.05.40

As mobile devices get more and more popular, much of our online correspondence has shifted over to the mobile sphere, which is way we created this tablet-ized version of the social media scenario template. With a kickin’ pop-punk soundtrack, this template is sure to be a hit with the learners.

Text Message

Screenshot 2016-03-21 16.06.10

You just got an important text message, and you need to answer carefully as the situation is delicate. Choose the option that you think makes for the best response.

You can find these and other branching scenarios in our Adobe Captivate template library. Sign up and download today!

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