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FocusOn Learning was a total blast for us this year. Between seeing everyone at the booth, the great sessions from Adam Cannon and Rich Vass, and the “cash cab” shuttle we were able to drive around town, we had no shortage of fun with our time in San Diego. We hope you were able to join us there! If not, we’ve got a great treat for you.

During our time there, Rich Vass was also able to participate in the DemoFest event with a recent PayPal Safety Training course that was produced by our custom solutions team. This course was recognized as the Best Onboarding/Employee Orientation Solution for it’s amazing content!

Want to see what it looked like? Well you’re in luck! The eLearning Guild, as it often does, is hosting an event with many of this year’s winners, allowing people “the opportunity to see a wide variety of solutions to common learning challenges, and sharing information about the tools, technologies, and processes used to build them.” Our PayPal course will be among them, so you will not want to miss it! (It’s also worth noting that our good friends over at The Game Agency took home the Best of Show honors, and their project is totally worth gawking over, too.) The webinar takes place next Wednesday the 12th at 10am PT, and you can register to attend by following this link.

We hope to see you in attendance so that you can bring this little piece of FocusOn Learning with you!

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