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We receive many questions regarding viewing Flash on iPads and iPhones. iSpring recently published a great blog with a comparison of different tools available to view Flash on iPads . They spent some time testing Puffin, Appsverse Photon, iSwifter, and Cloud Browse, listing the pros and cons of each application.

I decided to give Puffin a try and was able to successfully view a published Flash course that included imbedded videos and various interactions. I also tested a few of our Flash games, and they too worked well. The only update to the iSpring blog I would add is, the free version of Puffin only offers a 14-day trial of the Flash plugin. You need to purchase the app for $2.99 to maintain the Flash plugin option.

The iSpring team also explored using remote desktop software that would allow you to access your computer and view Flash files. They tested the TeamViewer software and have detailed the pros and cons of this option as well.

So if you are looking for an app that will allow you to view Flash on your iPad/iPhone, check out this blog post for more information: Can I Play Flash on iPad? Yes!

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