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lectora 16

Back in the early days of the personal computer, monitors didn’t have the sharp displays we take for granted these days. In those days, the color scheme of any program was likely just pixelated green text and illustrations on a black background. This limited aesthetic probably inspired the dark, neon-laced world of the 1982 movie Tron, and by extension, its 2010 sequel Tron: Legacy. Extrapolating the future from their relatively meager technological capabilities of the time, the film makers dreamed up a world that was essentially a sleeker version of what they new, and the results were visually engaging to say the least.

Screenshot 2016-01-05 10.27.32

Our new Lectora 16 theme, Muse, takes the concept of retrofuturism and runs with it in six different templates. You’ll notice the black/white/green color scheme, as well as the the simplified icons that hearken back to the aesthetic of your Apple II–if the Apple II had smaller pixels and a much more powerful graphics card to work with.

Screenshot 2016-01-05 10.27.53

Though inspired by the graphics of yesteryear, Muse is all too modern, with a sleek and flat design, geometric shapes, and smooth sans-serif fonts. And don’t worry: you won’t have to rely on the primitive graphics of the original Oregon Trail game to carry you through the course. If you want to include images made up of five total pixels, then that is your prerogative, but know that you can use crystal clear photographs and cutout characters in this template–as always.

Screenshot 2016-01-05 10.28.19

To find these and many other Lectora layouts, interactions, and scenarios, check out our Template library and become an eLearning Brothers member today!

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