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As a graphic designer, I need to tap into my creativity on a daily basis. Creativity, like any other mental or physical activity, becomes easier, and more natural, the more we use it. That being said, even the most creative people have times when it feels like the flow of ideas has been turned off and the need for some inspiration is a must.

Before you go the route of banging your head against your desk or throwing your computer across the room, remember that finding inspiration is easier than ever with the internet at our fingertips. Just be careful—there is a lot of terrible design floating around online, so be picky about what you use to get inspired. Knowing where to find good design ideas is key to getting out of a slump and back on the road to creating awesomeness. I have a few places that I like to look when my design ideas aren’t working.

Here are my go-to places when I get stuck on a project:


Pinterest is usually the first place I go when I need some quick inspiration. I like Pinterest because it’s visual based and super easy to search for the type of design I’m working on. It’s also nice to be able to save (pin) images/projects for future reference. Having a collection of great ideas is nice when starting new projects.

design insp pinterest

Creative Bloq:

The Creative Bloq is a great blog for finding art and design inspiration that covers multiple topics including graphic design, illustration, art, web design, 3D, and typography. This blog is full of articles from top designers about current trends, tips, and practices that will help you become a better designer.

design inspo creative bloq


Behance is an online portfolio site that allows users to create a portfolio and view portfolios from other designer, illustrators, photographers, and artists. Behance is now part of the Adobe Creative Suite, so if you have an Adobe account you already have access to Behance. Behance is also a good place to get feedback on your projects from other professionals in the creative field. Some of the people I’m following on Behance that you should check out are Todd Quackenbush, Martin Schmetzer, Laura Pol, and Max Le.

design inspo behance

My Personal Portfolio:

I have found that looking back through my own portfolio is an effective way to get my creativity flowing again. I think it’s important to revisit some of the successes that we’ve had in the past so we can move forward on current projects with a boost of self-confidence.  

design inspo portfolio

I’m always looking for inspiration and new places to find it. Please comment and let me know where you find your inspiration and how you stay creative. Also, make sure you check out our template library to see some of the exciting new projects that we’ve been working on here at eLearning Brothers.


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