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A big part of business, and even eLearning, is trying to determine the difference between where you are at and where you want to be. But what about what’s in the middle? How do you get there? That will often take some research to determine the process or product that will help you achieve your move from A to B. But if you need some help illustrating what that is to someone (like stakeholders, management, HR, your employees, etc.), we’ve got the perfect PowerPoint graphics to help you to fill in the gap!

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When developing training for employees, you’re going to want to highlight the objectives for your training. In the cases where the material is attempting to fill a gap and help the employee cross from where they are now to a place of higher potential, this graphic is a great way to start. It will simply state what kinds of things you’re hoping to add on to what they already know to help bridge the gap.

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But sometimes simplicity just doesn’t quite cover it. Maybe you want to delve a little more into the details of a process. It’s important that some of those cogs are labeled so you know how they’ll fit into the greater machine. This graphic can even show how processes move from one side to the other, or even how a new process might help employees to bridge the gap step-by-step.

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Maybe you want to highlight your start and finish points a little more before you dive into your gap analysis? Well this is definitely the graphic for that. It’s important to highlight that there may have been challenges facing growth into the future (time, money, or other risks). Equally important, you may want to speak to the benefits of having crossed over the gap by improving performance, process, or product.

Using a graphic to embody the gap in the needs of your organization will help your employees better catch the vision for change and growth you want them to find. All of our graphic templates can be used in PowerPoint, even (and especially) when you use an eLearning add-on like the iSpring Suite. Each template can be customized to match the text, color, image, and branding that you need. Take a look and see how our PowerPoint Graphic Library can help you fill in the gap in your eLearning needs!

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