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crossword puzzle game template

The best things in life (and eLearning) take time. That is why our new Storyline game template is one of the best eLearning games on the market. This new game is a completely customizable 12×12 crossword puzzle which took more than 100 man-hours to develop. We did all of the backend heavy lifting programming for you, now all you need to do is change the words to fit your needs. It is now available in our eLearning Template Library.


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The crossword puzzle game gives users an interactive way to test and retain their knowledge while retaining the fun of a crossword puzzle. The 12×12 game board allows for numerous questions with a variety of answers. Not only does it grant freedom in the questions you can ask, but the game can be used repeatedly as it can be effortlessly refitted. This Storyline game can easily be integrated into a variety of different projects because of its simple design and layout.


While playing a game is easy, changing the parameters and “back-end” aspects of a game can be very daunting. The crossword game is built in a way that anyone, no matter their background in Storyline, can easily follow the directions and custom make a game to meet their specifications. Because of the simple streamline developing of this game, the colors of the background and the squares (including their states) can be easily replaced to fit the theme of any and all Storyline templates.

Following is a step by step guide on how to use and modify the Storyline Crossword game.

Getting Started

The game is composed of 4 Different Slides: Introduction Slide, Instructions Slide, Game Slide, Conclusion Slide. To adjust the instructions text, navigate to the Instructions Slide and update the text box to the desired text for your instructions. To adjust the conclusion text, navigate to the Conclusion slide and update the text box to the desired text for your Conclusion Slide.


Editing the Game

To change the letters (and, in whole, the words) in the puzzle, go to the Game Slide select one of the squares on the stage and modify the highlighted variable in the Triggers panel on the right (eLB_X_correct, with “x” being the square you have selected.)


If you would like to set up the words in the game you can select a square on the stage and change the Initial State under the “States”. Changing the state of the box to a letter will only visually show you what you want while developing your game. It will not assign a letter to a trigger as shown in the first step. It is simply for your sake in helping you design the game to your specifications.


To change the numbers that will correspond to each word in your game, modify the text boxes in the “Numbers” layer of this slide. Then change the initial state of the text box from “Hidden” to “Normal”.


To change the hints that will correspond to each word in your game, modify the text on the “AcrossHints” and “DownHints” layer of the Game Slide.


To adjust the Incorrect feedback, which will display if the user does not guess each letter correctly, modify the text on the “Incorrect” layer of this slide. And likewise to adjust the Correct feedback, which will display once the user guesses every word correctly, modify the text on the “Correct” layer of this slide.


And lastly to change the color of the states for each box, go to the Base Layer and click on the boxes that you want to change and go to the “States” tab and scroll all the way to the right and change the Correct, Incorrect and Active colors to your prefered colors.


This new Storyline game will give a huge amount of depth interaction to your projects. Click here and visit our template subscription to be a cut above the rest with this awesome Storyline crossword puzzle game template!

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