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An executive, by definition, has the power or authority to put a plan into action. Similarly, we’ve created six Articulate Storyline templates that allow you to put your training content into eLearning action. So, in a way, you might even call these executive eLearning templates. At least, that’s what we’ve chosen to do! Meet the new Executive style and layout templates available in our eLearning Template Library.

Executive Layout

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The Executive templates have a theme that suggests good businesses doing profitable work. Set on a background of Roman columns and cool teal colors, the layout template is a great place to start if you’re looking to project a prosperous feel. This asset has a number of different slide arrangements for your objective screens, menus, titles, and conclusion pages. Each one of these is customizable so you can change images, colors, transitions, and text with just a click of a few buttons.

Executive Scenario

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Our scenario templates are a great way to help people distinguish between good and bad choices in a particular situation. We’ve made two different scenarios to choose from: a more traditional and a more modern. The traditional template gives you the option to pick either a two or three choice scenario.  You can provide feedback for each answer accordingly and branch on to further questions to complete a full roleplay for your learner.

The more modern template takes the same approach, but from the perspective centered on a mobile phone. Help your co-worker work respond to a text message from a client. See the client respond immediately! Hopefully, you got it right, but either way, the next slide allows you to give the learner more detailed feedback.

Executive Dragger

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The three interactions included in this set of Executive templates includes two tabbed interactions and a drag and drop activity. The tabbed interactions are going to be a great way for you to break up categorized content into more manageable chunks. It’s also a great way to present terms and definitions you want the user to learn and understand. The drag and drop activity is also a great follow-up activity for these types of information. If you have broken up your content into two different categories (i.e. things expected of management vs. things expected of employees), you can then drag each task, term, or idea into the appropriate drop zone.

These Executive Storyline templates will definitely make your course look and feel like the upper-class training that they are. Don’t have Storyline? We have these templates available to our Lectora users, too!

Tell us how you like to keep your courses looking classy in the comments below!

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