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Our friends over at Trivantis have put together a new eBook based on a webinar of eLearning expert, Joe Ganci. The book, at a brisk 23 pages, is a brief yet knowledge-dense read with helpful tips and provocative layouts.

The book, titled “5 eLearning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them”, chronicles the most common oversights that designers, developers, SMEs and other eLearning professionals make in their pursuit of creating the perfect course and the steps necessary to remedy those potential blunders.

Before you download a copy of your own, we wanted to discuss a couple interesting nuggets we gleaned from the reading.

Cultural Divides

We live in an increasingly global society. These days, doing business with partners and clients scattered across the globe is no longer an unthinkable feat, but almost the norm. To a great extent, we’re no longer constrained by geographic limits, but by our ability to communicate effectively with our own niche markets. But what does that mean for industries like eLearning that frequently find themselves communicating over a cultural divide? There are no shortage of cultural mores and practices in this beautiful world of ours. Sometimes these line up from place to place, but they often conflict with one another. For instance, a hand gesture in one culture can be a sign of agreement, while others may consider the very same gesture to be sign of great contempt. It pays to know the cultural norms of the people you’re communicating with, because although you might be using the same language, your learners might be getting a completely different message than the one you intended.

Staying Current

One poignant detail that the eBook touches on is for eLearning professionals to stay up to date with industry standards and have their ears to the ground regarding technological advancements. In particular, Joe Ganci cautions professionals not to “ignore the mobile revolution.” It can be easy to dismiss the trends of the day as just fads, but to do so wholesale is shortsighted. We may not use the exact same mobile tools years in the future, but the concepts behind them (interconnectivity, portability, segmenting, global reach, etc.) are here to stay.

We’ve barely scratched the surface of what Trivantis’ eBook has to offer, so give it a chance and download your own free copy today!

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