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The first team eLB marathon is complete! Sister Kim and I ran our fastest marathons ever! (ok…it was also our first marathon ever) The St George Marathon was 10/3 in St George Utah and the race went through the beautiful Snow Canyon area.

I (Brother Andrew) was only 5 1/2 weeks out from my collarbone surgery and was out of training for about 3 weeks. So needless to say my body was not in the best shape. I don’t think that the medicine, trauma, lack of sleep, and plate/screws helped either. My goal was to come in under 4 hours and to not walk. I was able to do it! (3:53 and no walking). I would love to do it again but I’m not sure when yet. The biggest thing that I learned it that I LOVE icy-hot. They had icy-hot stations every few miles. It feels really nice on aching legs 🙂

Sister Kim did a great job as well. This is her first shot at running. She started to really feel it at about mile 20 and had to “gut it out” the rest of the way. Her husband (Brother Shawn) went out to see/encourage her during the last stretch. Sister Kim was surrounded by her 4 daughters as she crossed the finish line.

This was a great experience and we’ll remember it forever!

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