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For many, autumn is a time when the sweaty oppressive heat of summer gives way to a crisp, invigorating chill. It’s a time when the smell of hot pavement ceases to dominate your morning runs, and damp leaves gracefully take it’s place. People are allowed to retreat indoors from many a physical feat to chase more intellectual pursuits. Simply stated, fall is to introverts as summer is to extraverts.

While you’re bundled up snugly inside, enjoying your favorite pumpkin-spice flavored treat, feel free to knock out some eLearning design with two of our brand-new Captivate click-and-reveal templates, featuring all the colors of fall!



With a spectrum of creams and yellows, this Click and Reveal template has an infographic-style layout to give your learners the lowdown on the specific aspects and attributes of a person or thing, in the case of our demo, a dress code. Place a cutout character or an item of your choice at the center of the template and position the labeled tags so that they point to something that deserves further explanation. With a click of the tag, a learner can be shown a popup description of that aspect of the picture, along with a closeup or other relevant images.


 Ask an Expert


Sometimes you need to give your learners a brief overview of several different topics. For instance, what if you’re putting together an orientation course for soon-to-be college students? One thing for them to consider is which major to choose. Our Ask an Expert template, full of vibrant orange hues, tackles this brilliantly. Learners are shown a panel of different people, each labeled with a different major. If the learner wishes to know more about a major, they can click the label, taking them to a brief testimonial from that person, with reasons they decided to pick their respective majors.


You can also tweak the template for other purposes as well, like showing learners a series of tools they will soon be trained to use, along with brief descriptions of when each is useful. Whether it’s people or inanimate objects, this template is great for teaching a little about a lot of subjects.

To find these and other beautiful interactions, check out our Captivate interaction template library today!

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