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Over the past few decades, there has been a great diversification of careers in the world. Thanks to changing technologies and cultures, there are thousands of careers today that didn’t exist just one generation prior. Many an eLearning expert can surely attest to the difficulty they face around the holidays trying to explain to their elderly relatives just what it is they do for a living.

“You see, Ma, I teach computers how to teach other people…” or in my own particular case, “You see, I write about people making templates for other people to teach computers to teach other people… You still with me?”

With the sheer number of different careers these days, it may seem a daunting task to find eLearning that matches the type of training you’re making. But never fear! Our Storyline template library has a wealth of different careers represented, such as…

Call Centers


Call centers are huge part of modern business, used for customer service, sales, research, and much more. Most companies of a certain size benefit by employing people to monitor their incoming and outgoing calls. You can use Storyline interactions like Simple Soft Skills (above) to quiz trainees in this growing line of work.

Personal Health


Exercise and nutrition are essential for a healthy life, but many of us struggle to keep those aspects of our lives in check. That’s where dietitians and personal trainers come in. With help from experts, many find that some guidance and a little accountability can go a long way to a healthy body and mind. Our Gym Scenario is handy for training those going into these careers, or even as a primer for their clients.

Doctors, Nurses, etc.


The medical field is one that will always be there. Even in a post-apocalyptic scenario where most other careers have become irrelevant, we will always have a need for experts in human anatomy and physiology to put things right when they go wrong. Our Medical People Profile interaction gives learners an overview of the different types of medical professionals and their duties within the healthcare system.

Find these and many other careers represented in our Storyline Template Library.

What other careers should we include in our Storyline templates? Let us know in the comments!

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