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Psychologists and artists alike have long recognized that colors can influence the human mind, for good and for bad. Each color we can see stimulates the eye in it’s own way, and through our primal evolutionary memory—along with a fair amount of cultural conditioning—each one has come to be associated with a wide array of certain feelings and abstract concepts.

Today we’d like to take a look at a few similar drag-and-drop Captivate interactions that utilize different color schemes and discuss our interpretation of them.



Clean is, at once, flamboyant and subdued. Light, playfully purple draggers stand in gentle contrast to the muted grays of the background, giving an air of professionalism with pizzazz and personality.



The Smart template lives up to its name, juxtaposing a pensive charcoal gray background with vibrant green accents. Combining these two colors, Smart successfully portrays a state of caffeinated genius that is inspiring and infectious.



Imagine yourself in the crisp mountain air, soaking in the breathtaking scenery, skiing the black diamond, and hobnobbing with the stars at the local film festival (you’re at Sundance in this particular example). That’s the feeling that Classy strives for. The craggy surface of a mountain range stands in the background, with cool teal elements that accentuate the chilly aesthetic the template. Feel the freeze with Classy.



Prim, proper, and healthy, the Fresh template exudes life and feeling. The verdant green backgrounds with the neat text and quadrilateral shapes are the perfect marriage of geometric and organic, which leaves you feeling as fresh as the template itself.



Poise is a template that personifies action. The dark pinstripe background brings to mind corduroy work pants, punctuated boldly with a muscular, vibrant orange and a stoic, yet very human font. Use this template when you really want to pack a punch.

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