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Storyline Hotspots

Summertime is here and the heat is on. Boogie boards, beach volleyball, and sunscreen are all key parts of the hot summer days. So what better time to look at what’s “hot” in Articulate Storyline 2. I’m talking particularly about hotspots, those powerful, but oft-neglected interactions that are native to Storyline. We’ve created some awesome interactions that will allow you to spend those hot summer months pumping out professional-looking eLearning courses that utilize the hotspot functionality of Storyline.


This first template provides a basic layout in a simple chrome and blue color palette. Clicking on any of the squares triggers an overlay providing feedback, more information, or other such content. With the source files provided, you can resize the squares, change the shapes, and reduce or increase the number of clickable areas.


This next template takes the first one a step further by providing a backdrop of an office and allowing you to click on various objects in the picture. In the screenshot below, you’ll see a few of the hotspots indicated with the flashing cursors.


Clicking on the hotspot brings up an overlay that provides the name of the object as well as information about the object. With our extensive library of backgrounds and cutout people you could easily customize this interaction to your needs.

You can also use hotspots with video as this next interaction demonstrates.


This interaction uses a video as the backdrop. As the video plays, hotspots (indicated in this case by the small, gray circle with a question mark inside) appear and disappear. Clicking on the hotspot triggers an overlay (shown below) that can be customized to include a quiz question, more information about the video, or other similar information.


With the overlay, you can insert an image, quiz the users about the video content or just provide more information about the video. Again, because you have access to the source files, you can customize this interaction with your own video.

Finally, you can use hotspots to guide you through the various parts of an image as this next interaction demonstrates.


This interaction, in simplistic gray and black, lets you call out portions of an image to provide more information. This would be a great interaction to use in a course teaching the various parts of a computer, for instance. Clicking on the hotspots will change the image and text to the left. You could provide a close-up view of that part along with detailed information about its use and purpose.

All of these interactions are part of the extensive library of Storyline resources available with your subscription. All source files are made available to you, meaning you can customize the course to your and your organization’s needs. So get out there and beat the summer heat with our Storyline hotspot interactions!

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