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With the online training world growing at a rapid pace, presenters and instructional designers are looking for effective ways to create connections between them—or the content—and their learners. Since eLearning is electronic (thats what the “e” stands for, right?), it is more difficult for the learner to create a connection with a presenter or teacher. Down the line this means that less and less people are actually paying attention to the content. It is easy to get away with just clicking through slides only to get a mediocre score on the final quiz. The solution? Cutout People. Simple images of a person on the screen guiding them through the course will subconsciously encourage them to pay attention to the content and do well on the quiz. Because there are so many different types and purposes for which presentations serve, eLearning Brothers has created the most diverse and impressive library of Cutout People in the world. Here are just a few of the new additions to our ever expanding library.


Students respond very well to people their age and in their same situation. In the last monthly shoot, we added more new cutout people to the student section of our library. This will give you a wider selection of models as you create effective and influential presentations with student cutout people in your next presentation.


Many presentations are set in a business setting and eLearning Brothers knows it. That is why we are always adding to our massive business section, and this month’s photo shoot was no different. We now have more than 150 models to choose from, which equates to more than 18,500 different images!


Much like the business section of our Cutout People Library, we have an athletic section which is also growing with over 3000 images. These can be used in situations that are less formal and designed for improving health and activity.

Not only do we have one of the best Cutout People Libraries in the world, we are giving our local Utah-based friends and fans the chance to join us as cutout people! (We are working on out-of-state and international shoots coming soon.) Check out the casting calls to find out when you can join us! 

Casting Call 1 Casting Call 2  

Don’t forget to check out the Cutout People Library and all the new monthly additions!

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