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Engage Your Audience with Live-Action Camtasia Video Templates

Training videos are the best. When the trainer walks into the room, flips off the lights and turns on the projector, you know you’re in for something good. It’s even better when the training video is well made and incorporates actors that put the training into action.

Live-action video may not play a role in your training course yet. Pulling out the old video camera and recording someone while they walk through a process or protocol may sound daunting or not worth your while, but adding captions, graphics, or even interactions to live action video is simple and enjoyable using Camtasia Studio with eLearning Brothers templates and assets.

The video below is an example of one way to take a live-action video and incorporate some eLearning Brothers Camtasia video templates to make a fully engaging learning experience.

Having on-screen tips, steps, or information spots helps keep the viewer fully engaged and interested in the visual presentation (even when the subject matter may not be very interesting). Combine those with a live-action walkthrough and you’ve got yourself a unique and refreshing training video.

For this video, I used a Camtasia theme offered in the eLearning Brothers template library. I didn’t have to do any of the animating or graphic design to have high-quality and pleasing instructional graphics, and I was able to spend more of my time focusing on other tasks. I was also able to choose a theme that matched the color palate and feel of the video I was shooting thanks to the diversity of the template library. Our Camtasia exclusive template library is available for a reduced price now as part of our Camtasia Template Packages.

Camtasia Studio is a viable video editor—for live-action productions as well as screencasting—that makes implementing supplemental graphics very easy! The interactive features like quizzes and hotspots can also play a key part in your live-action course.

You can grab some video templates and other supplemental assets in our Camtasia packages, and start making great videos today!

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