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Adobe Presenter 9

Adobe teamed up with us to highlight the awesome tools they provide. One of these tools is Adobe Presenter 9, and it allowed us to travel through time!

A few months ago, Adobe asked us to deliver an Adobe Presenter 9 project that demonstrated how powerful a fully functional presenting tool can be in the hands of a professional.

After a series of great conversations with Dr. Allen Partridge—using some of our local talent—we were able to demonstrate how Adobe Presenter 9 can be used when developing a flipped classroom experience. There is no need to detail how effective a flipped classroom is and can be (as Dr. Patridge does a great job of this in his blog), but we did want to show you in full cinematic glory the course we developed. Without further ado, here is Time Travel!

Time Travel in Adobe Presenter 9

Demo Course

(Watch the five minutes all the way through! The ending will blow you away.) 

This course unfolds as a Professor of Time Travel spends some time educating his class on the history and mechanics of time travel. Where it goes from there is anybody’s guess, but you can find out as you watch the course and look for the telltale signs that things have changed.

We found the Adobe Presenter tool to be powerful and flexible in allowing a user to build a flipped course both quickly and easily. While not everyone may have the ability to pull off time travel, everyone can pull off a flipped classroom experience using Adobe Presenter 9.

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