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I know that that entire eLearning World has been waiting on the edge of their chairs for this announcement…

Brother Shawn has officially launched the eLearningTemplates.com site! After many rolls of internal red tape and endless hoops to jump through, it has also been certified “Momma Approved“.

The site offers games:

  • PowerPoint Course Style Kits – Everything you need to create an awesome course!  These kits include graphic layouts, the board game challenge, multiple color themes, people, quizzes and many flash interactions.
  • Games – Millionaire, Pyramid, Jeopardy, Board Game, and many more.
  • Cut-out People – Need some people that are cut-out and ready to drop into your course? Need multiple poses of the same person? We have multiple business and casual pictures.
  • Articulate Skins

These templates work with most rapid development tools (Articulate, PPT, Presenter, Captivate, HTML, Unison)

Remember that an online course may be well written but if the learner isn’t visually attracted to the course, they will never read it.



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