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This past October, Misty Harding, eLearning Brothers & Brian Wilson, Sigma Chi joined us on the eLearning Rockstars Stage at DevLearn 2018. They introduced attendees to a totally “lit” training course that eLearning Brothers Custom developed for Sigma Chi Fraternity.

Turn boring training…

Previously, Sigma Chi was using pretty traditional training methods—eLearning, classroom, some videos, etc. However, incoming pledges just weren’t resonating with this style of learning. Young learners reported the training was too long, too “boring” and not “lit.” Sigma Chi wanted to make changes that would truly connect with Gen Z pledges while still effectively preparing them for their membership in the fraternity. Thus, they reached out to eLearning Brothers Custom.

Into exciting training!

And so, we worked with Sigma Chi to redesign their traditional training. We created shorter, more engaging, and more effective content that appealed directly to Generation Z. Because we really wanted this content to stand out, we drew inspiration from graphic novels, social media—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tinder—digital magazines, gamified interactions, and more. eLearning Brothers Custom created an interactive, visually attractive course that spoke directly to Generation Z learners.

Here’s the proof.

Watch the video to see the reaction new pledges are having to this redesigned material and the difference it’s making for Sigma Chi Fraternity.


Download Misty’s presentation here.

See more of our work with Sigma Chi in this webinar recording: User Experience Strategies for Successful eLearning.

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