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Marty Rosenheck, eLearning Brothers took the stage twice at DevLearn 2018. Today we’re recapping “Creating a Learning Strategy for Maximum Impact.” I’m going to give a brief outline of his talk here, but if you want, you can skip ahead and just watch the video.

Picture this:

You’re charged with a high-stakes, high-visibility learning challenge. Perhaps you need to prepare an entire hospital staff to work effectively on day one of a move to a new hospital building, or you need to get a sales force ready to sell a new product line ASAP. How do you do it? There’s no quick fix, no single method that will get the full impact. You need to create an integrated learning strategy.

In Marty’s session, he walked attendees through a framework for creating an integrated, multifaceted learning strategy. In the video, you’ll see him go through each section of the below template in much more detail, but this image gives you the general outline.


learning strategy template


Marty shared examples of role-based learning paths that employ eLearning, microlearning, on-the-job learning, coaching, video, workshops, simulations, performance support, and fun reinforcement activities. He talked about how you can build these types of learning experiences yourself—or with a little help from eLearning Brothers custom department—using TREK Learning Experience Manager.

Speaking of learning experiences…

In this session, Marty shared tips on how to apply learning experience design principles including design thinking, active learning, spaced practice, scenarios, and on-demand content.


design thinking for learning strategy


All these things come together to form a solid, effective learning strategy. Watch the recording of Marty Rosenheck’s DevLearn stage session to hear it all in detail:



Download Marty’s presentation slides as a PDF here. You can also watch a demo of TREK Learning Manager here. Connect with Marty on LinkedIn if you want to talk to him more about creating a learning strategy for your organization.

Let us help you create a high-impact learning strategy or training program! Contact our Custom Solutions team for more info.


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