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eLearning Open Mic- Camtasia 9 vs Camtasia 18

Introducing eLearning Open Mic, a platform for discussion in a variety of eLearning topics! What’s unique about eLearning Open Mic? We’re opening the floor to YOU. We’ll pick six willing people to join on our discussion panel. Don’t make it onto the panel? That’s just fine! You can watch and still participate via our chat.

eLearning Open Mic will be a regular series covering a wide range of eLearning industry topics, tools, and techniques. We’re starting with a tool near and dear to our hearts—Camtasia.

What will we talk about? It’s up to you! But some possible topics include:

  • Upgrading—Are you a Camtasia 9 holdout and why?
  • Coolest new features in Camtasia 18
  • Experiences in Camtasia 18, both positive and negative
  • Tips and workarounds for problems found in both versions

This is an informal event. No need to make a PowerPoint or flash cards or anything like that. It’s just a chance for us eLearning nerds to get together and geek out over what we’re passionate about—as panelists, as attendees, whatever you want.

Join us on October 9th at 11 AM Mountain Time in our inaugural session for a discussion on Camtasia and its two newest versions: Camtasia 9 and Camtasia 18.


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